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Factory Style Head Units
Factory look head units now available for your Toyota. AM/FM/CD/DVD, with iPOD interface, BlueTooth, and Navigation.







      Hollandia Standard Power Moonroof

  Hollandia 740 Series Power Moonroof

  Installed Price: $1199.
Part#  S7002 
  (Extra labor for Vans, SUV's, overhead DVD's, or Interior Roof Rails)
  Life-Time Parts / 3-Year Labor Warranty

  The finest Inside Sliding Power Moonroof on the market today.
  Right from an Original equipment supplier, we have the right size
  for your Toyota. Cloth covered inside sliding sunshade, One-Touch
  operation, and key-off Auto-Close. Multiple vent positions, and
  pop up wind deflector. 

    Inside Sliding Moonroof         
    Toyota Prius Power Moonroof Installation - Click on images
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   Hollandia 749 Large Power Moonroof

  Hollandia 749 Large Power Moonroof

  Item Price: $1299.  
(Tundra & FJ Cruiser only)
  Part#  S7003

  Life-Time Parts / 3-Years Labor Warranty

  The largest 740 Series Moonroof. Has all of the same features as
  the above moonroof, but will only fit in:
  Tundra, FJ Cruiser, and Scion Xb


 Outside Sliding Sunroof   Glass Panel Size: 32.25" x 17.75"
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   Hollandia "Emerald" Electric Spoiler Sunroof

  Hollandia 300L Electric Spoiler Sunroof
Part #  S7007    Installed Price: $750.
Part#   S7008    Installed Price  $799. (w/One-Touch feature)

  5-Year warranty

    Dark tint glass, Sliding Sunshade, and Pop up wind deflector.
    A less costly alternative to an inside sliding power moonroof.

Outside Sliding Sunroof

     Click on Image
    Glass Panel size:  32.25" x 17.75"

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    Newport 20" x 32" Pop-Up Sunroof

  Newport 20" x 32" Pop-Up Sunroof with removable Glass Panel
  Item Price: $599.93

  Part # S7009

  Life-Time Parts Warranty

   Venting manual sunroof for that economical open air solution.
   Super dark glass panel for UV protection.

 Soft Trim Interior   Glass Size: 31.25" x 19.25"
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Leather and Heated Seats

Save this month on a custom Leather Interior and Heated Front Seats now only $1599.95
(standard interiors only, no special orders)
Choose from over 50 colors of leather to have installed in your vehicle. Includes 2 Heated front seats with Hi/LO switch. Both come with a 3-Year / 36,000 mile warranty!